About Us

Writers have long thrived here in the Chippewa Valley. From our poetry slams, community publications, collegiate writing programs, open mic nights, and our many prolific authors, it’s no secret that there’s something special about this place that we call home.

Yet despite our robust writing community, there’s never been a central organization committed to mentoring writers and writing groups, coordinating events, and providing sustained outreach activities for writers of all levels, backgrounds and genres. In order to foster the writers in our community, we knew there needed to be such an organization.

Thus, in February of 2016, the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild was born! With support from the Eau Claire Regional Arts Council and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Foundation, the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild began actively bringing our writing community together. Our mission is to educate, collaborate, and celebrate local writers, thereby serving as a support for writers in our region and beyond.

What We Do

The Chippewa Valley Writers Guild is dedicated to enhancing our region’s writing community through a wide array of programs. In summary, the Guild:

  • Facilitates new and existing writing groups in the region

  • Hosts writers retreats.

  • Organizes a craft talks series.

  • Collaborates with a range of artists to enhance the creative economy.  

  • Offers publishing opportunities in both Barstow & Grand and our monthly  newsletter

  • Oversees community open reads

What You Can Do

The Chippewa Valley Writers Guild is only as strong as the writing community we support.  As such, we encourage you to get involved! How?

  • Pen an article for our monthly newsletter

  • Submit to Barstow & Grand

  • Attend our craft talks,

  • Participate in open reads

  • Form a writers group

  • Apply to our writing retreats

  • Follow us on social media

  • Give a donation to  help us sustain our many programs and ensure the vibrancy of the Guild for years to come.


Mission Statement

To educate, collaborate, and celebrate writers by providing high-impact opportunities for citizens of the Chippewa Valley and beyond.  

Vision Statement

To be inspired and inspire others; a vision which we will carry out by way of craft talks, open reads, writers groups, writing retreats, and additional opportunities that foster the intellectual and artistic growth of the citizens of the Chippewa Valley and beyond..

inclusivity STATEMENT

Our organization does not discriminate on the basis of race, ancestry, color, age, familial status, disability, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, lawful sources of income, national origin, or any other discriminatory practice prohibited by state or federal law.  If you want to be here, we want you here.