Writing Groups in Western Wisconsin

While writing is a solitary activity, that doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with other writers while writing your own piece. Writing groups are a great way to socialize while also having people hold you accountable for reaching your goals. The Chippewa Valley Writers Guild is committed to collaboration and coordination throughout the Chippewa Valley region. This is evidenced in the list of established writing groups below.

If you’re looking to join an existing writing group in the Chippewa Valley, or you’re interested in starting your own, then you’ve come to the right place! Some writing groups are private, some are public, but all are excited to play a leadership role in supporting our region's writers.

Not seeing a group that focuses on your genre?

Fantastic! This is your opportunity to start your own group! Please contact the CVWG for free consultation, advice, and support to ensure that your group fits your needs.


Chippewa Valley Local Authors

The Chippewa Valley Local Authors supports emerging and established local authors in marketing their literary work.

Contact: Bill Callaghan; bill@raisedwithpraise.com
Genre(s): Marketing and publicity
Geography: Chippewa Valley
Vibe: Warm and Welcoming
Open or Closed: Open
Meeting Info: See Facebook group for more information.


The Chippewa Valley SPACECATs supports writers in an array of genres and sub-genres.

Contact: Charles Payseur; cvspacecats@gmail.com
Genre(s): Science fiction, fantasy, horror, queer fiction, short fiction, poetry
Geography: Chippewa Valley
Vibe: Constructive and supportive
Open or Closed: Open for now (recruiting)
Meeting Info: Look for more info on our first meeting at https://www.facebook.com/cvspacecats/

Dedicated Writers Society

This group is open to writers of all genres with the purpose of giving feedback in an honest, but upbeat way.

Contact: Connie Russell;  715-723-3210
Genre(s): Poetry, fiction, memoir, nonfiction
Geography: Chippewa Falls
Vibe: Warm and welcoming, supportive and constructive
Open or Closed: Open
Meeting Info: Meets upstairs at the Chippewa Falls Public Library from 6-8 the fourth Monday of each month

The Inklings

The Inklings are  a committed group of writers who meet monthly to share their work and enjoy each other's fellowship.

Contact: Jim Alf; jalf4840@charter.net
Genre(s): Short fiction, nonfiction, essays, book-length nonfiction, poems
Geography: Eau Claire
Vibe: Serious and supportive
Open or Closed: Open

THE Kindred Spirits

““Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.” 
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Adult authors and illustrators writing and illustrating children’s and young adult books.

Contact: Amy Renshaw;  ajrenshaw99@gmail.com
Genre(s): Fiction and nonfiction for preschool, elementary age, middle school age, high school age literature
Geography: Open/face-to-face meetings held in Eau Claire
Vibe: Welcoming and constructive
Open or Closed: Open

Meeting Info: Meeting: Approximately once a month at various locations around Eau Claire

Poets of the oak lair

The group meets monthly to discuss and workshop original poetry.

Contact: Jan Carroll; jan.carroll333@gmail.com
Genre(s): Poetry
Geography: Chippewa Valley
Vibe: Honest, constructive, encouraging
Open or Closed: Closed

the Wait! What? Writers

The Wait! What? Writers consists of a group of local writers—educators and journalists, mostly—dedicated to their craft, as well as the fellowship  forged when critiquing one another's writing for the benefit of the work.

Contact: Eric Rasmussen; rasmeric@gmail.com 
Genre(s): Short fiction, novel-length fiction, children’s literature, poetry, creative nonfiction, essay, journalism.
Geography: Eau Claire
Vibe: Serious, but with beer. 
Open or Closed: Closed, with occasional guests.

Western Wisconsin Christian Writers Guild

WWCWG  was founded in 2000 to provide support and encouragement for writers and other artists seeking to honor God with their creative gifts. We're here to encourage you, whether you're just starting out or you've been working at your craft for years.

Contact: Sheila Wilkinson; skwilkin@yahoo.com or 715-839-1207
Genre(s): Short and long fiction, short and long nonfiction, children's, poetry, and any work that contains words
Geography: Western Wisconsin
Vibe: Warm and welcoming
Open or Closed: Open, but nonmember fee may apply
Meeting Info: Bethesda Church, second Tuesday of the month September-May, 7-9p.m.


Wisconsin Chapter of Romance Writers of America, Chippewa Falls Area group.  We conduct monthly writing programs, contests, conferences and workshops (2016 WisRWA Workshop on Oct. 8 at The Plaza--see website).  We support romance writers with serious pursuit.

Contact: WisRWA.org
Genre: Romance of all genres
Geography: Chippewa Valley area and Wisconsin in five local areas.
Vibe: Warm and welcoming
Open or closed: Open to new members who can attend two meetings before joining RWA and WisRWA.
Meeting info: Monthly meeting at Deb's(formerly Camille's off 53 at Melby exit--go east and turn right at light). Please check WisRWA.org for dates for Chippewa Area.

Women Who Write

Women Who Write is a small group of friends helping each other meet their writing goals.

Contact: Katie Venit
Genre(s): fiction or nonfiction, anything creative
Geography: Eau Claire
Vibe: Friendly and supportive
Open or Closed: Closed

Write Club

Write Club is a critique-based group that offers encouragement as well as constructive feedback.

Contact: Aimee Johnson; writingdrunk@gmail.com
Genre(s): All
Geography: Eau Claire
Vibe: Warm and welcoming.  We pride ourselves in being encouraging while offering constructive feedback. 
Open or Closed: Open
Meeting Info:  We meet at the Unitarian Universalist congregation on Farewell and Gray in The Seekers Room. Come in through the side door on Gray St, up the stairs, on the left or just follow the signs.  We meet from 1-3p.m. on the first and third Sunday of each month.

Write Now!

Write Now! is a group of young writers focused on writing for young adults and new adults.

Contact: Karissa Zastrow; karissa.zastrow@outlook.com
Genre(s): geared toward young adult or new adult
Geography: Eau Claire
Vibe: Warm and welcoming with constructive feedback
Open or Closed: Open
Meeting Info: TBD


The Writers' Group at the Library consists of a wide range of local writers excited to give and receive critiques, as well as discussion marketing suggestions.

Contact: Sandra Lindow; 715-309-2084 or lindowleaf@gmail.com
Genre(s): Poetry, Memoir and other short forms that can be read in ten minutes or less
Geography: Eau Claire
Vibe: Warm and welcoming
Open or Closed: Open
Meeting Info: L.E. Phillips Public Library, generally the first Thursday of the month from 7-9p.m., winter hours 2-4p.m.