Allyson Loomis presents, "The Presence of Mine Enemies: Villains and Bad Apples in Stories"

  • The Janet Carson Gallery 316 Eau Claire Street Eau Claire, WI, 54701 United States

All stories are fueled by conflict, but in some stories that conflict can be personified as a villain, a bad apple, an agitator, a liar, a usurper, a creep.  In this session we will talk about the uses of villains in stirring up stories, and how one might go about creating a villain, employing a villain and maybe even humanizing a villain.  We'll look at different sorts of entry points for villains in stories and how one might hope to neutralize a villain, in the end.

How BAD can you be?  Come join Allyson Loomis and your fellow writers to find out!

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