Poetry in the shadow of walden with Former Wisconsin Poet Laureate Max Garland

July 13-16


GPS technology can guide us to almost any place on earth.  Websites supply demographics, historical events, and local oddities. But can we really know a place without knowing how it speaks to (and through) our imaginations? Can we know where we are (or who we are) without intimate knowledge of the natural environment of which we are a part? To paraphrase Henry David Thoreau on his 200th birthday, is it possible to travel "extensively" without going very far? Is poetry one of the ways we report back from our most attentive journeys into the world? Join award-winning poet Max Garland (The Postal Confessions, Hunger Wide as Heavento discuss  a range of "poems of place," as well as reflect upon how we might call upon poetry to more meaningfully locate and recreate ourselves in the world. In celebration of the bicentennial of Thoreau's birth, we'll particularly look to his writing and legacy for inspiration for our own. The goal is to encourage new poems and provide practical tips on revision of previously written poems. 

Special features of this week include:

  • Guest visit from Thoreau scholar,  professor, and author Joel Pace
  • Discussions of Thoreau's influence on contemporary poets
  • Daily writing and poetry workshops
  • Writing from the wild- the nature walk as inspiration
  • A free and open reading for the public

Writer-in-Residence Biography:

Max Garland is the author of The Postal Confessions, winner of the Juniper Prize for Poetry, and Hunger Wide As Heaven.  He has received an NEA Poetry Fellowship, a Michener Fiction Fellowship, inclusion in Best American Short Stories, and fellowships in both poetry and fiction from the Wisconsin Arts Board.  His work has appeared in many journals, newspapers, and anthologies, ans has often been featured on Wisconsin Public Radio.  He served as Poet Laureate of Wisconsin 2013-2014 and is Professor Emeritus at UW-Eau Claire, where he taught creative writing and literature for 20 years.  He is also a songwriter and musician, and currently serves as Eau Claire's Writer-in-Residence.  

Click here to read Max's work and here to learn more about him.

Residency Cost: 280.00 (includes all on-site, chef-prepared meals/drinks)

Residency Cost and Dual Occupancy On-site Lodging (shared bath): 430.00 (includes all on-site, chef-prepared meals/drinks)

Application Fee: 12.00 

Writing Sample Length: 3-5 poems

Deadline: May 1

***Update: This residency is currently at full capacity.  We are happy to receive applications, but please understand the competitive nature of this residency.