The Art of Memoir: Keep it Honest, But Keep It Interesting with June Melby

                                                                                                   Credit: Parker Deen

                                                                                                   Credit: Parker Deen

July 6-9

When writing memoir you have to stick to the truth.  You can’t invent characters, or make your mother into a Soviet spy.  You might have an uncle who’s interesting, but he’ll shoot you if you tell. So, how do you keep the reader riveted?  Are you expected to reveal your most embarrassing family secrets?  What are the ethical lines, and how do you keep from crossing them? Join New York Times best-selling author June Melby (My Family and Other HazardsHenry Holt, 2014)  for three days focused on writing and revising highly readable narratives from real events in your life.  In addition to workshops, individual conferences, and time dedicated to creating original work, participants can also look forward to mini-lectures on craft topics, such as creating characters from family and the compression of time in memoir. 

Special features of this week include:

Writer-in-Residence Biography:

June Melby is the author of My Family and Other Hazards (Henry Holt, 2014), a New York Times bestseller and Midwest Connections award winner.  As a spoken word artist she has headlined in Munich, Hamburg, London, and Amsterdam; at the Knitting Factory and CBGBs in New York, and the LA Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.  She has three poetry chapbooks, and three music-poetry cds with her band, June Melby and Her Future Enemies.  Other work has appeared or is forthcoming in Utne Reader, LAWeekly, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Forklift Ohio, and Fugue, among others.  

Click here for an excerpt from her work.

Residency Cost: 280.00 (includes all on-site, chef-prepared meals/drinks)

Residency Cost and Dual Occupancy On-site Lodging (shared bath): 430.00 (includes all on-site, chef-prepared meals/drinks)

Application Fee: 12.00

Writing Sample Length: 10 double-spaced pages (maximum)

Deadline: May 1