Cozy Up with Your Craft



EARLY BIRD RATE: $215.95 Flats / $240.95 Main House

Cost includes Saturday night lodging, breakfast, lunch, fruit, cookies, muffins, coffee, drink ticket, live jazz, and mini- group workshop (capped at 5), as well as all craft talks and instruction. Room upgrades available; ask, too, about special writers' rate for Friday night lodging as well.

EARLY BIRD DEADLINE: December 31, 2018

RATE STARTING JANUARY 1, 2019: $235.95 Flats / $260.95 Main House

RETREAT DATES: February 2-3, 2019

Space is limited!  Reserve your spot starting November 15!



SATURDAY, February 2

9:00                     Arrive in Gallery Lounge, welcome/meet-n-greet/pastries with host B.J. Hollars

9:15-10:15        John Hildebrand presents “True Stories:  Using Narrative in Creative Nonfiction”

Nonfiction is “creative” when a writer uses the narrative techniques of fiction—theme, characterization, scene-by-scene construction—to tell a story that’s both factually accurate and emotionally compelling.  In this talk, the author of five nonfiction books will explain how actual events can be rendered into true stories.

10:15-10:30     Break

10:30-11:30     Gretchen Marquette presents “Shared Space: The Sacred and the Mundane"

Among its many other gifts, poetry provides an opportunity to embrace complexity in our experiences and relationships. Often, this complexity is most pronounced at the intersection of the sacred and the mundane, and in the blending of ode and elegy. In this lecture, we'll look at poems that exhibit this tension, and which bring us more fully into the presence of curiosity and compassion, and which encourage us to frame our lives around reverence and intentionality.

 11:30-12:00    Free Writing

12:00-12:45     Lunch and Fellowship

12:45-1:45       A. Rafael Johnson presents “Magic and Realism”

This talk will discuss how writers in all genres can use literary magic—the bending or breaking of rules—to expand possibilities in their work.

1:45-3:00         Free Writing 

3:00-3:30          Break / snack / room check-in

3:30-5:00          Workshop

Facilitated by A. Rafael Johnson, Gretchen Marquette, John Hildebrand, BJ Hollars

5:00-6:30          Dinner on your own

6:30-7:30          Revising Time             

7:30-9:00         Participants' Public Reading in The Oxbow Gallery

9:00--                 Jazz and Fellowship in The Lakely

SUNDAY, February 3

9:00-10:00       Group Breakfast

10:00-11:00    A Reading with A. Rafael Johnson, Gretchen Marquette and John Hildebrand

11:00                   Check-out / Farewell