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Somewhere deep in the Wisconsin wilderness, there’s a place where woods meet water, and time meets space, rather unexpectedly. Take a left, a right, then head on straight until the road runs out. Upon reaching the river, flash your lights twice, then wait for someone to come for you. Don’t be afraid. They’re a friendly bunch.  Welcome to Bend in the River.

Airing Schedule:

Fridays at 7PM beginning March 23 with re-airs on Sundays at noon and Wednesdays at 7PM.  Only on Blugold Radio 99.9.

Featuring voice work by: Jake Pritchard, Katie Hennen, Karen Drydek, Jason Splichal, Jake Lindgren, Brett Jensen, Tom Giffey, Jeff DeGrave, Rob Reid, Paul, Thomas, Ken Szymanski, Matt Kiskunus, Neil Dunbar, Mike Paulus, Shannon Paulus, Eva Paulus, Sully Paulus, and Brian Moen

Written by: Charlotte Kupsh, Ken Szymanski, Jim Rybicki and B.J. Hollars

Produced by: Scott Morfitt, Eli Klatt and Nathan Baughman

Live Performance: A live, dramatic performance of episodes 7 and 8 will take place at 7PM on Saturday, May 5 at The Metro.  Tickets ($10) available for purchase soon!

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