Let's find your Dream together

The reviews are in!  Cirenaica is a hit!  But don't take our word for it!  Take a look at some of the testimonials courtesy of our recent participants.  We're so proud to share their journey, and we hope to share yours, too!

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"I use a lot of hyperbole in my writing, and in this particular moment I am unable to overstate the value...of Cirenaica.  The natural beauty of the region, combined with exquisite tutelage and talent [and the] exceptional facilities yielded the perfect storm for creativity. I'd been in a real creative slump, and the community and opportunities afforded to be by the people at Cirenaica carried me out of it, built me some wings, and set me afloat again."

"I came back from Cirenaica inspired and with my confidence levels raised. No one actually told me that I would make a living from being a poet (something I dreamed of years ago) but I came away renewed in my feeling that poetry was a value in itself. Exciting to be around other people who talk the same language who stimulate the flow of words and metaphors." 


If you are sort of thinking about doing a workshop........ don't wait, just DO IT ! It's nearby if you are in the Chippewa Valley area, the price is more than right and the leadership is unmatched. Don't wait..... DO IT !  

"It is good to have time to focus on my writing and not having a thousand other things interfering with my focus. The members of the group were uniformly supportive of each other's literary journey. The rooms had a lovely ambiance of kindness as poets wrote together."

"A great weekend filled with meeting people with similar interests as me and amazing food and drink to really make the whole thing unforgettable".

"Cirenaica provided a great opportunity to meet other writers whose talent and love of the craft helped me raise my game. The fellowship and camaraderie we developed over a short period was powerfully affecting."


"My weekend at Cirenaica was the shot in the arm I needed to once again love my writing for the sake of writing!"





The atmosphere was perfect: smart, respectful and cooperative, leavened with humor and fellowship. We were both instructed and encouraged. And this was true not only for our writer-in-residence, but for my fellow workshoppers. We grew, together.

Cirenaica was a place to grow within a supportive group of writers. It allowed many people from different backgrounds to come together and share ideas through writing. I used to think writing was a solitary experience, but after the residency I realized the importance of community and the energy derived from a community of writers. I entered this residency not knowing anyone and left with friends and wisdom that I will never forget.