And the “Most Valuable Started A Literary Magazine” award goes to…


B.J. Hollars

It’s award season here at the Guild, which means we’ll be bestowing five lucky individuals with “prestigious” awards the best way we know how: in the dead of night (or the dead of dawn) when the recipient least expects it.  Sure, it’s nice to roll out the red carpet, but who wants to deal with all the paparazzi?  And besides, nothing’s better than a surprise… 

In that spirit, at 7:15p.m. on Wednesday evening, Guild director B.J. Hollars took it upon himself to invade Barstow & Grand editor Eric Rasmussen’s personal space. 

“Ta da!” B.J. cried, entering the house and bestowing Eric with the prestigious “Most Valuable Started A Literary Magazine” award.

“Wow,” said Eric.  “I don’t know what to say!”

“Say thank you,” B.J. coached.

“Yes,” Eric said.  “That’s one thing I could say.”

B.J. beamed.

“And to think I’d planned on just taking it easy after a long day of work,” Eric said.

“Now you can take it easy with the award!”  B.J. said.  “And me!”  He helped himself to a seat on the couch.

Eric stared at the award for some time, shaking his head. 

“You know, I’m just astonished that you think so little of me…I mean…so much of me…as to drop by unannounced like this…”

“You’re welcome,” B.J. smiled, offering him a handshake.  “Congratulations!”

“Yes,” Eric said.  “That’s one thing you might say…”

A hearty congratulation to Eric Rasmussen, who—on a more serious note—had an idea, developed that idea, built the team, led the team, and created the first community-centered literary magazine the Chippewa Valley has ever known.  And if last night’s jam-packed crowd at The Local Store was any indication, the Chippewa Valley was ready for it.  Click here for more of his work.  And keep your eyes wide!  Maybe you’re the next recipient…