May 1–4: Mission Impossible? Poetry Translation

How does one translate a poem? In an effort to find out, the Department of Languages at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire will host a Symposium titled, Mission Impossible?  Poetry Translation from Monday, May 1 through Thursday, May 4.

The symposium will feature an array of events, many of which will be hosted by guest scholars Dr. Samuel Frederick of Pennsylvania State University and Dr. Graham Foust of the University of Denver.

The goal, explains University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire German professor and symposium organizer, Dr. Johannes Strohschank, is to “acquaint and familiarize both faculty and students, as well as a general audience, with the intricacies, problems, and benefits associated with the translation of poetry, in this case from the German to the English language.” 

“This symposium is not only for experts in German and English poetry but for lovers of poetry in all languages,” stresses Strohschank.  “German as a source language here only serves as an example from which to deduce the enormous difficulties, but also sweet rewards, associated with poetry translation, in general.”

The four-day event includes a reception and panel discussion, master classes in the Departments of Languages and English, and an evening with readings of international poetry as part of the International Poetry Reading on May 3.  More information on the time and place of these events will be released soon, which we’ll share on CVWG social media.