5 Reasons Why Applying for Allyson Goldin Loomis’s Nonfiction and Memoir Residency is a must!

by Erin Stevens

As a University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire alumna, I'm well aware of Allyson Goldin Loomis's prowess as an incredible teacher and writer.  Which is why signing up for her residency is a must.  Check out 5 reasons below!

  1. Allyson is an accomplished writer. Whether it be fiction or nonfiction, Allyson has published great deal of amazing work一 she was even an honorable mention in the 2016 edition of Best American Short Stories. Check out her essay, “Learning to Sleep” published in The Sun.

  2. She is a great instructor. Allyson is a beloved professor at UWEC who has earned the praise and adoration of her students. From her knowledge and passion for writing, to her interest and enthusiasm in student work, Allyson will be great for writers of all experience levels.

  3. You’ll learn how to really bring your nonfiction piece to life. If you’ve been struggling with writing about the details that will really bring your memoir or essay to life, Allyson will talk about different techniques you can try to make your piece as strong as it can be.

  4. You’ll have hours of designated, uninterrupted time to work on your writing. In our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to push our writing to the side. We have jobs to work, children to raise and various other commitments pulling us away from the keyboard and the stories, essays and poems we want to be crafting. Think of Cirenaica as the vacation/getaway that you and your writing need. No distractions, no work or kids一 just you and the memoir you’ve been dying to write. While there will be plenty of time reserved for workshop and instruction from Allyson, you’ll also have an abundance of time to write something new or revise the piece you submitted with your Cirenaica application. Find a sunny spot on the deck to enjoy your morning coffee and write a few pages, or pick one of the many comfortable chairs inside the cabin to and and type the morning away.  If you're really adventurous, try writing in a hammock!

  5. Special guest John Hildebrand. In addition to working closely with Allyson, you'll also get to meet writer-in-residence alumnus John Hildebrand, author of The Heart of Things  and  A Northern Front,  will be joining Allyson during the weekend to offer advice about all things nonfiction writing.

Don't delay!  Apply today!  Click here for more information!