Great Grub Awaits At Cirenaica!

No writing retreat is complete without a bit of gluttony.  At Cirenaica, we’re happy to accommodate by way of 9 chef-prepared meals at each retreat!  This summer, we’re proud to welcome chefs Michelle Thiede and Kristen Dexter, co-owners of FORAGE, to the Cirenaica team.  They’re bringing their cooking skills out to the lodge to ensure that we’re all always well fed. 

They agreed to give us a little taste (get it?) of their tentative menu.  Warning: you will be hungry after reading... 

forage 7.jpg

The tentative menu includes:

  • Lazy Monk Smoked pork country style ribs

  • Farmers market grilled vegetables

  • Herb roasted fingerling potatoes

  • Mason jar watermelon feta salad

  • Pulled buffalo chicken sandwiches 

  • Fingerling potato salad,

  • Crudité with bleu cheese dip

  • Lemon caper grilled salmon

  • Grilled asparagus

  • Cheese and red pepper risotto

  • Chilled corn soup

  • Red pepper purée tortilla strips

  • Gazpacho

  • Baked cheese crostini

  • Caprese salad 

  • Pepper crusted tenderloin

  • Shrimp cocktail

  • Parmesan grilled cauliflower

  • Fresh strawberries, pound cake and whipped cream

  • Fresh baked scones,

  • Banana nut pancake muffins

  • Fresh fruit with berry yogurt dip

  • Mini broccoli cheese egg cups

  • Smorgasbord with meat, cheese, hummus, spreads

  • Quinoa grain bowl with roasted veggies and…

I could go on...

Are you hungry yet?  What are you waiting for?  Nurture your stomach and your soul today!