And the Most Valuable Everywhere All At Once Award goes to…


B.J. Hollars

It’s award season here at the Guild, which means we’ll be bestowing five lucky individuals with “prestigious” awards the best way we know how: in the dead of night (or the dead of dawn) when the recipient least expects it.  Sure, it’s nice to roll out the red carpet, but who wants to deal with all the paparazzi?  And besides, nothing’s better than a surprise… 

In that spirit, just moments before the Barstow & Grand release party on Thursday night, Guild director B.J. Hollars awarded Karissa Zastrow the Most Valuable Everywhere All At Once Award.

Awarded annually (or at least once), the Most Valuable Everywhere All At Once Award is given to the person who best exemplifies the gerbil-in-a-wheel mentality which B.J. himself strives toward. 

“So…you’re calling me a gerbil?” asked Karissa, her brow furrowed as she accepted her award.

“Of course not,” replied B.J.  “I’m calling you a gerbil in a wheel!”

She smiled (or maybe grimaced).

“So…you thought giving me this…award…minutes prior to the Barstow & Grand release party was a good idea?” she asked.

“I thought it was a great idea!” B.J. beamed.

Karissa, who for the past two years has attended dozens of craft talks, written dozens of articles for the newsletter, and has generally been, well, everywhere all at once, is most deserving of this award.  Though she no longer lives in the Chippewa Valley, she regularly makes the drive back our way to take part in our writing community.

“Well, I guess I’m honored,” Karissa said.  “This must have cost you…I don’t know…all of ten dollars!”

“All of six dollars,” B.J. corrected.  “Congratulations!”

A hearty congratulation to Karissa Zastrow, who—on a more serious note—has been a centerpiece of building the region’s literary community since the Guild's founding.  We thank you! Keep your eyes wide, readers!  Maybe you’re the next recipient…