And the Most Valuable Knows How To Use the Internet Award goes to…


B.J. Hollars

It’s award season here at the Guild, which means we’ll be bestowing five lucky individuals with “prestigious” awards the best way we know how: in the dead of night (or the dead of dawn) when the recipient least expects it.  Sure, it’s nice to roll out the red carpet, but who wants to deal with all the paparazzi?  And besides, nothing’s better than a surprise… 

Mike Paulus was spending a lovely Saturday with his family when Guild director B.J. Hollars burst into the scene.

“Congratulations!” he hollered.  “And here’s a trophy!”

Mike stared at it, dumbfounded.

“Trophy?” he said.  “Are you sure it’s not a hood ornament?”

“Well, it’s not anymore,” B.J. mumbled. 

Mike read the carefully engraved script at the base of his award.  “Most Valuable Knows How To Use the Internet, huh?”

B.J. nodded.

“I can’t help but wonder if I’m the only person on the planet to have ever received such an…honor.”

“I’m certain you are," B.J. smiled.


Mike’s wife Shannon glimpsed the arms-flung-high golden figure atop the base and said, “Hey, that’s the exact pose Mike strikes every time he steps into the room!”

“Accuracy matters,” agreed B.J.

“All I can say is, thanks for the hood ornament,” Mike said.

“And all I can say is, you’re welcome,” B.J. grinned.

A hearty congratulation to Mike Paulus, who—on a more serious note—has been the behind-the-scenes web presence for the Guild since the beginning.  If you love our newsletter, and you love our website, then you’ve got Mike (and our amazing interns!) to thank.  We thank you, Mike! Keep your eyes wide, readers!  Maybe you’re the final recipient…