5 Reasons To Sign Up For New York Times bestselling author June Melby’s Memoir Residency

June Mebly (Image: Parker Deen)

June Mebly (Image: Parker Deen)

by Erin Stevens

When writing memoir you have to stick to the truth.  You can’t invent characters, or make your mother into a Soviet spy.  You might have an uncle who’s interesting, but he’ll shoot you if you tell. So, how do you keep the reader riveted?  Are you expected to reveal your most embarrassing family secrets?  What are the ethical lines, and how do you keep from crossing them? Join New York Times bestselling author June Melby (My Family and Other HazardsHenry Holt, 2014) for three days focused on writing and revising highly readable narratives from real events in your life.  

Learn about June Melby's Summer (2017) Writer's Residency at Cirenaica

See below for five fantastic reasons to spend three days working on your craft with June Melby this summer:

1. Share your work with a New York Times bestselling memoirist

It takes a special kind of writer to make the New York Times bestseller list, and June is that special kind of writer!  Her debut memoir, My Family and Other Hazards has been hailed as “enchanting” and “an outpouring of tender, witty memories” according to Publisher’s Weekly.  Click here for an excerpt.

2. She knows Wisconsin

Having grown up in Wisconsin, June knows our region well.  And not just geographically, mind you, but emotionally as well.  As proof, check out this delightful piece, “Don’t Go To Wisconsin,” featured on Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Wisconsin Life” by clicking here

3.She was the voice of the alien Bang in Space Jam

Maybe it’s a stretch to say June co-starred alongside Michael Jordan in the movie Space Jam, but her voice certainly did!  In addition to being a fine writer, June has also done some cool voice work, recorded CDs, won poetry slams, and much more.  According to her website, she is a writer, spoken word artist, and yes, even a mammal!  To learn more about her diverse talents, click here.

4. She loves chocolate

Or at least calls upon chocolate for the answer to any truncated questions by us!  See this interview for more about chocolate, her influences, and what to expect this summer at Cirenaica.

5. Special Guest BJ Hollars

Yes, the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild’s founder and UWEC’s very own BJ Hollars will swing by to talk about his latest nonfiction project.  And if you ask nicely, maybe he’ll even regale you with stories on extinct birds, Bigfoot, and his typewriter collection.  (Well, he’ll probably “regale you with stories” on these subjects whether you ask nicely or not…don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

What are you waiting for?  Give yourself the gift of time, support and community this summer.  Click here to apply for June Melby’s “The Art of Memoir” today!