Check Out 6x6: A Reading Series


Welcome to 6x6: A Reading Series

What happens when we give 6 readers 6 minutes each to share their finest work? 

Welcome to 6x6, a new reading series sponsored by the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild.  Our inaugural reading will feature Jennifer Hazen, Jennifer Golat, Aimee Johnson, Anders Shafer, Paul Thomas, and Dan Zerr. It will be hosted by co-founder Jan Carroll.

“This series is all about getting new voices out in the community,” said Carroll.  “Fresh voices from a lot of different disciplines.”


In an effort to do so, in addition to featuring 6 writers each reading, there’s another catch: once someone reads as part of the series, they'll never read in the series again.  “It’s not about being exclusive,” says BJ Hollars.  “It’s about ensuring that we can get as many new folks in front of the mic as possible.”

In a literary community as robust as ours, filling the slots will hardly be a problem.  In fact, Hollars believe the number of interested readers will likely ensure the series’ longevity for years to come.

Do you want to have your 6 minutes at the mic?  Shoot us an email at with “Sign me up” in the subject line.  We’ll add you to the list, and you’ll hear from us soon. 

The inaugural reading will be held at The Volume One Gallery at The Local Store on Tuesday, March 6 at 7PM.  Swing by and support our 6 readers!