National Book Award Finalist Carmen Maria Machado to Be Featured In Video Discussion at The Oxbow Hotel


by Emilia Hurst

On Sunday, February 25 at 7pm, Dotters Books will host National Book Award finalist Carmen Maria Machado for a Skype conversation at The Oxbow Hotel.  Machado is a short story author, essayist, and critic, and has been published several times in The New Yorker, Granta, and Lightspeed magazine to name a few. Dotters Books’ book club has selected Machado’s short story collection, Her Body and Other Parties, for their first book of 2018. 

“Last year, our book club held a virtual discussion with Bryn Greenwood, the author of All the Ugly and Wonderful Things.  It was one of the highlights of the year, as it gave us a better appreciation and understanding of the book,” says Dotters Books co-owner Elizabeth de Cleyre.  “So we jumped at the chance to have a virtual discussion with Carmen Maria Machado. Her short stories are modern fairy tales oft steeped in popular culture (like rewriting almost 300 episodes of Law & Order: SVU) and its treatment and impact on women's bodies and psyches. Since Machado's work is very of the now, a virtual discussion with her seems like the best medium.”

And for Dotters Books, this virtual conversation is only the beginning.

“Traditionally, authors went on long and exhausting book tours and then disappeared into their studio to write again. Using Skype, FaceTime, or video conferencing, we're able to connect with authors year-round, in a way that's a lot lighter on their schedules, the environment, and the bookstore's overhead. In this way, we can offer frequent and free events to the community that promote culture and ensures the sustainability of a bookstore.”

Be sure to join Dotters Books and the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild at the Oxbow Hotel Gallery on Sunday, February 25 for this exciting event!