5 Reasons Why You Should Apply to Holly Hughes’ Multigenre Writers' Retreat Right Now

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This summer, we’re thrilled to welcome Washington-based poet and mindfulness expert Holly Hughes to Cirenaica where she’ll host “Words to Hold A Glittering World: Crossing Genres Mindfully.”  Holly’s the author of several books, most recently Passings, a collection of poems on extinct birds.  In addition, she’s the co-author of The Pen and The Bell: Mindful Writing in a Busy World.  Read on for 5 great reasons to sign up for her writers' retreat.

1.)   It’s multigenre, which means it’s for everyone!

Whether you’re a poet or prose writer, this retreat is for you.  While Holly’s first genre is poetry, she’s published prose widely as well.  On her website she describes herself as a writer, poet, teacher and editor.  And she's all these things and more!  Her retreat is centered on “crossing genres mindfully,” which means exploring how to use all the tools in your writerly tool belt to select the perfect genre to write the perfect piece.  By expanding beyond genre distinctions, we give ourselves (and our work) new opportunities to grow.

2.)   She’s an award-winning poet!


In 2017 Holly’s book, Passings, was the recipient of the American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation.  What an honor!  It’s a rare treat to work with a poet of this caliber, and she’s excited to work with you!   Click here to read about all of her work.

3.)   Three words: Mindfulness, mindfulness, mindfulness.

What began as a correspondence between Holly and Brenda Miller soon turned into much more.  As the pair of writers continued exchanging letters they realized that their thoughts on writing in a busy world might be of use to others, too.  Their letters resulted in the formation of The Pen and The Bell: Mindful Writing in a Busy World, a book that discusses “how to achieve mindfulness and creative fulfillment in spite of long to-do-lists.”  The book couldn't have come at a better time.  Learn how to let the world go and give yourself to your words.    


4.)   Max Garland’s the special guest! 

Cirenaica alums surely know Max Garland, the former poet laureate of Wisconsin and the winner of the 2017 Brittingham Award in Poetry for his book The Word We Used For It.  Max’s commitment to his fellow writers is second to none, and he’s excited to spend a bit a time with us this summer.

5.)   One word: food.

No writing retreat is complete without a bit of gluttony.  At Cirenaica, we’re happy to accommodate by way of 9 chef-prepared meals at each retreat!  This summer, we’re proud to welcome chefs Michelle Thiede and Kristen Dexter, co-owners of FORAGE, to the Cirenaica team.  They’re bringing their cooking skills out to the lodge to ensure that we’re all always well fed. From Mason Jar watermelon feta salad to lemon caper grilled salmon, there’s something for every taste bud. Click here for the full menu.

The deadline is May 1! 

Submit your application this minute by clicking here!